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POS Manufacturer
(Wholesale Supplier)

We, HINTEL TECHNOLOGY as new generation innovation POS manufacturer & supplier, engage in product design, development, manufacturing and sale in the global market, and provide NEW GENERATION POS SYSTEM SOLUTIONS to the POS industry, which are implemented in NEW INNOVATION EMBEDDED TECHNOLOGY. These products are high quality POS systems in complete POS hardware & software, extremely distinguished from traditional PC-based POS solutions, and very highly competitive over the system stability, reliability and cost performance in the retail market. And its pricing is at simple, reasonable and competitive price across the market.

In addition, our products include the related peripherals such as Thermal Receipt Printer, Barcode Scanner, and Cash Drawer and so on. And Hintel is as one of POS Manufacturers and wholesale suppliers in the market, the system DISTRIBUTORS, RESELLERS, TRADERS, AND SALES AGENTS ARE MOST WELCOME to Hintel. For more info about our products and services, you can visit us on line at There are detailed descriptions and specifications of each product, it is convenient to choose the interested products for our customers. And also, there is a Buyer’s Guide for further helping on product selection.

Hintel POS System Solution Benefits:

Please see the Hintel Eco-friendly POS System Solutions.


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