Direct Sales Opportunities for POS
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Direct Sales Opportunities
For POS System Distribution

Hintel Direct Sales Opportunities are for business partners who are interested in innovation products that bring up significant sales growth from the competitive market environment. And Hintel is a technology-based Company, and mainly engages in product design, development, manufacturing and sale in the global market, and provide new generation innovation systems solutions to retail POS industry with Hintel's latest high-end embedded technology, which are high quality POS system products, more distinguished from competitors, and very highly competitive over the system stability, reliability and cost performance in the retail market, low maintenance requirement also and great value for our clients.

And Hintel is one of Direct Sales Companies/Manufacturers in the market, currently we are looking to expand our business territories, and need more business channel partners such as distributors, retailers, dealers, resellers, and sales agents to work together, who are interested in the new technology products of Hintel and expanding their territories. And Hintel is committed to offer the related technical support, training and resources help our partners achieving successful goal, and create Sales & Marketing Opportunity to partners' business.

And Hintel new generation POS products have more attractive advantages over PC-based POS solutions, it is hard to find. And these products comply with EN55032 Class B, FCC Part 15 Class B and RoHS also. If you are interested in our new solution/products, please email us to sales at, or visit us on line at Distribution Opportunities for Business Partners. And for our business partner program, we have a win-win policy, which will benefit all the business partners.

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