Getting Started with POS

Getting started
with POS system operations

Hintel POS system solution is a high quality performance POS system based on the Hintel’s latest high-end innovation embedded technology. The hardware & software systems are specially designed for retail business activity, it is rich in features, reliable at the industry level and simple to set up, use and maintain. This system design also greatly reduces the requirements for system maintenance and technical support. Especially in the most POS system work environment, often there are no highly skilled people, it is quite important to relieve headaches for the business operators, and the eco-friendly POS system help to reduce the running cost.

The POS terminal application is a professional software program based on Hintel’s high-end embedded system platform particularly for the POS industry, the application software was designed and developed especially for the point of sale business activities, and this system design greatly simplifies the requirements of learning, use and system maintenance. And even though without the prior experience of PC operating system the cashier doesn't need to learn too much at first to handle the system operation, Hintel POS terminal design is for cashiers, and simple to use.

The POS Back Office system is to play a key role in the retail POS system management, it takes charge of the daily system management and control such as data input, pricing adjustment, sales analysis, store inventory tracking, system query and report generation and so on. This POS Back Office system is capable of providing a number of concise and specific reports such as daily sales transaction reports, monthly purchasing/sales/store inventory report, yearly sales & tax report and so on, as well as data analysis reports including the sales/profit analysis, purchasing analysis, supplier evaluation, and goods item analysis, these help the business operators to obtain detailed information to run their business with effortlessness.

And when you unpack your new system from purchase, to familiarize yourself with system operations, you can login in with system default user account, and take a look at the user interface elements. And then follow the section of the getting started in Hintel’s retail USER OPERATION MANUAL, and make necessary configurations or settings. After that, the system is ready to go for your business.