POS Back Office System

Back Office System

About Hintel POS Back Office System Software:

Hintel POS system solution is a high quality performance POS system based on the Hintel’s latest high-end innovation embedded technology, the hardware/software system is specially designed for retail business activities, it is rich in features, reliable at the industry level and simple to set up, use and maintain. And also, Hintel solutions comply with the sustainable development goals, the eco-friendly POS system products help to reduce the operating expenses in the business and its system designs greatly reduce the requirement for learning, use and system maintenance.

The Hintel POS Back Office system is to play a key role in the retail POS system management, it takes charge of the daily system management and control such as data input, pricing adjustment, sales analysis, store inventory tracking, system query and report generation and so on. This POS Back Office system is capable of providing a number of concise and specific reports such as daily sales transaction reports, monthly purchasing/sales/store inventory report, yearly sales & tax report and so on, as well as data analysis reports including the sales/profit analysis, purchasing analysis, supplier evaluation, and goods item analysis, these help the business operators to obtain detailed information to run their business with effortlessness.

And Hintel POS Back Office system has a powerful front-end terminal/station, which is able to deliver the high performance application for retail industry management, it thanks to Hintel put much more efforts on its innovation embedded window platform building, strive to provide the desktop PC quality applications in the embedded world, which bring too much concrete benefits from these technological innovations to the business operators. And its front-end terminal/station is capable to process a various activities of the retail outlet, and capture the detailed and accuracy data for further processing at the back office system to make more informed business decisions for retail operators.

And Hintel POS Back Office system is a professional back office management system especially for the retail outlet and it is realistic innovation POS system solution with flexibilities, functionalities, rich features and its inherent advantages from the embedded technologies. And this POS Back Office system provides most practical and efficient operations in the retail business system management, and it is very easy to use and maintain with very minimum learning requirement. Hintel POS system solutions are the best options for the retail industry, it is most suitable for small and medium-sized business and the main features and benefits are as below:

POS Back Office System Features:

✔ Product and pricing control

✔ Store inventory tracking

✔ Point of Sale configuration

✔ Accounting subsystem integrated

✔ Audit control

✔ Sales analysis

✔ Goods item top-up analysis

✔ A comprehensive set of reports

✔ Security level control

✔ Staff management

✔ Customer management

✔ Supplier management

✔ Online/Offline sale support(Network/standalone support)

✔ Easy to use and maintain

✔ Costs saving with super low system power consumption

✔ Time saving with very minimum learning for use & system maintenance

Hintel POS System Benefits:

Please see the Hintel Eco-friendly POS System Solutions. And this POS Back Office system adopts the client/server software architecture, the system structure is flexible and scalable, and a single machine can act as both a client and a server also. In this case, it is can be used for those customers who just need one machine at a store, and save costs.

Hintel Point of Sale (POS) system is able to provide operational efficiency that can help the business operators improve sales, control over operations, increase the productivity and reduce operating costs. At the same time, Hintel is committed to further provide better insight to retail business that will help retailers in decision making to better run the business.