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CD-1410H Cash Drawer
Category: Cash Drawer  Publish Time: 2015-04-07 00:00 

CD-1410H Cash Drawer

Model CD-1410H Cash Drawer

The CD-1410H is the cash drawer as the peripheral device for point of sale system, helps cashier for efficiently handling cash in the retail business, and keeps customer’s cash safe and protects from attack. This cash drawer comes with RJ11 interface, and its control instructions are compatible with the major receipt printer, it is electronically driven.

This product complies with CE, FCC & RoHS

Descriptions of cash drawer:

The CD-1410H is the cash drawer for use as accessory of POS system and other ticketing system, helps cashier for efficiently handling cash in retail business, very convenient to use. And moreover, it is also effective security measure as this device is a heavy duty unit, able to keep customer’s cash safe and protect from attack. The cash drawer comes with RJ11 interface, and its control instructions are compatible with the major receipt printer, can be electronically driven. Here are specifications for this model as below:

Basic specifications:

●  Material

Thick gauge cold rolled steel construction case

●  Surface

Textured hybrid coating 

●  Cash drawer lock

3 Lock positions: locked open/closed, manual open and electronically driven.

●  Cash till

5 bill slots and 5 coin slots made by shatter resistant ABS plastic and it is removable.

●  Media slot

1 (used for large bills, checks, and coupons etc.)

●  Control interface


●  Lifespan

MBTF 1,000,000 times

Physical characteristics of cash drawer:

●  Dimension(W x D x H)

16.14 x 16.54 x 3.84 in, or 410 x 420 x 100 mm

●  Weight

2.16 lb/5.5 kg

●  Color


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