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Do you know what the best POS system solution is?

Hintel solutions are innovative & practical embedded POS system solutions, which are especially designed for the POS industry by Hintel, extremely distinguished from traditional POS systems. And it is also integrated with more functionalities that are rich in features, reliable at the industry level and simple to set up, use & maintain; these are the best POS system solutions for the small and midium-sized business, and help to save the running costs & drive sales growth.

What are Hintel Point of Sale system solution benefits?

Hintel POS solutions are realistic and new generation innovation embedded POS system solutions to the retail industry. The retail operators can benefit from its multiple aspects, and run their business in the simple approach and cut much more operating expenses with Hintel's Energy-Saving POS System in the long run. And also, Hintel solutions are at low requirements for system service, maintenance & technical support, which help to save your money and time.

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Innovation retail POS System
HT-3515 Innovation POS System
Category: Innovation Embedded POS Machine  Publish Time: 2017-06-28 15:28 

HT-3515 Innovation POS System

Model HT-3515

This HT-3515 is an integrated innovation embedded POS machine that has a compact chassis and streamline appearance, and suitable for back office system, or terminal station in online mode or both combinations together for those customers who just need one machine at a store. This machine is energy-efficient, and a real green product, which is capable to cut off much more power consumption (compared to typical PC-based point of sale system), and saves more running cost in your business.

This product complies with CE, FCC & RoHS

Descriptions of Product:

The HT-3515 is among the Hintel’s innovation POS system product series, it uses Hintel’s high-end innovation embedded desktop motherboard at industry quality level, integrates both hardware & software, and includes the advanced features to cater to different functionalities for the POS industry. This is a complete all-in-one POS system that is very attractive, extremely distinguished from traditional POS system and highly competitive over the system stability, reliability and cost performance in the POS market. And also, this is green cleaning POS product with super low system power consumption, it can help reduce the running cost, and its pricing is at reasonable and competitive price, and is ideal POS system solution for store business.

And this innovation point of sale (POS) system is unlike personal computer (PC) that runs a variety of applications, in which many system resources are not required by the specific industry, it is wasted out or just consumed by PC system itself, and it's also prone to viruses, worms and security threats. Hintel’s innovation POS product is designed for performing the specific tasks of POS system activities that have been elaborated and tailored for use only in the POS industry; there are no compatibility issues, no viruses, no worms and security threats also. At the same time, this POS system use electronic storage device instead of Hard Disk (HD), there is no mechanical moving part, and the system data should be more safe and retentive.

And the Hintel's innovation POS system is a professional and modern solution to the POS industry, it is a high quality POS system product with high-efficiency system management that is rich in features, reliable at the industry level and simple to set up, use and maintain. And also, this system design greatly reduces the requirements for system maintenance and technical support. Especially in the most POS system work environment, often there are no highly skilled people, it is most important to relieve headache and save the running cost for the store operators. And compared to PC-based POS solution, the maintenance fees of this POS system are much lower in the long run and system breakdown time are far lower than PC also. It is perfect POS solution for small and medium-sized business in the retail industry such as grocery stores, convenience stores, and supermarkets and so on.

This POS machine is a system product bundling with hardware, software and related accessories that comprise all in one POS system solution, and it is convenient for the customers who can make one stop instead of multiple stops. And here are system benefits/features, specifications and attachable peripheral devices for this model as below: 

System Benefits/Features:

New generation innovation POS product

  Eco-friendly/green POS system

  Professional Green POS Operation System

  Low maintenance requirement

  Very low system power consumption

  Innovatively designed for mass production

  Cost-effective product design

  All-in-one system 

  Other features (including POS Back Office and POS Terminal Application)


Back Panel Connectors and Ports:


  2 x USB on the I/O back panel

  2 x USB on the front panel 

  1 x USB (built-in)

  1 x LAN (RJ45) port

  2 x Serial Port on the I/O back panel

  2 x Serial port (built-in)

  1 x Stereo audio Line In / Line Out port (built-in)

  1 x Video Graphics Adapter port

  1 x PS/2 keyboard port 

  2 x DC 12V power jack 

  Internal connectors

Peripheral Devices: 

  15” color industrial monitor 

  Customer pole display

  Optional 58mm or 80mm thermal receipt printer

  Cash drawer

  Barcode scanner




Product Safety Certificates:

  EN55032 Class B, FCC Part 15 Class B & RoHS etc.


Physical Characteristics of Main Machine:  


●  Dimensions (W x D x H)

   11.81 x 3.07 x 10.08 in, or 300 x 78 x 256 mm

●  Weight

   11.02 lb/5.0 kg (including monitor)


This POS system is very easy to set up, use and maintain, it will save your time and running costs. And its corresponding application system software and operating system are pre-installed in the POS machine before leaving factory. Upon purchase of this machine, just need to do the necessary configurations, and then the system is ready for your store business; everything works perfectly for the end-user. And as for the functionalities and features of point of sale system, please refer to sections of the prospectus of application system software of Hintel for point of sale system.









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