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BS-1520 Barcode Scanner
Category: Barcode Scanner  Publish Time: 2017-10-03 10:42 

BS-1520 Barcode Scanner

Model BS-1520 Barcode Scanner

The BS-1520 is a portable, bidirectional and high performance barcode scanner, it can work under the multiple modes of manual, auto-trigger and stand detection, and use as a fixed presentation and hand-held scanner, and its nominal working distance is 3 to 15cm, very suitable for point of sale system or other related industry data checkout.

This product complies with CE, FCC & RoHS


Descriptions of products:

The BS-1520 is the bidirectional laser barcode scanner with streamline and compact appearance design. And this barcode scanner is a high performance input device, and workable under the multiple modes of manual, auto-trigger and stand detection, it can deliver the fast and accurate scanning, speed up the processing to reduce the waiting time at check counter, and is very suitable as peripheral input device for use in the point of sale system. Here are specifications for this model as below:



Basic specifications:


●  Scanner type                

Bi-directional scanning

●  Light source                  

650 nm visible laser diode

●  Scan rate                       

500 scans per second

●  Reading distance           

3 to 15 cm (depends on bar width of barcode)

●  Decode capability           



UPC-ACode 93Code128UCC/EAN-128

EAN-8EAN-13CodabarISBNIndustrial 2 of 5,

Code 39, standard 2 of 5Matrix 2 of 5 and so on.

●  Interface                     

PS/2 Keyboard wedge or USB

●  Trigger mode              

Manual, auto-trigger and stand detection

●  Min. resolution               

0.076 mm or 3 mil

●  Print contrast ratio         

Min. 30%

●  Drop specification          

5 ft./1.5 m drops to concrete




Physical characteristics 


●  Dimensions (W x D x H) 

2.6 x 5.9 x 2.1 in, or 67 x 150 x 54 mm

●  Weight                            

0.29 lb/130 gm

●  Power supply                  

+5 VDC/100 mA (Max.)

●  Color                             

Cloud white/twilight Black