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Do you know what is the best POS solution?

Hintel solutions are innovative and practical POS solutions which are specially designed for the POS industry by Hintel, and extremely distinguished from the traditional point of sale solutions. It is also integrated with more functionality that are rich in features, reliable at the industry level and simple to set up, use and maintain; this is the best POS system solution for the small and midium-sized store business.


What are Hintel POS solution benefits?

Hintel POS solutions are realistic and new generation innovation system solutions to the POS industry. The retail operators can benefit from its multiple aspects, and run their business in the simple approach and cut much more operating expenses in the long run. This is ideal business machine in the retail stores.


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Introduction on the POS Back Office Management System

Descriptions of product:

The Hintel’s POS Back Office management system is a total system solutions to the POS industry, which has a powerful front-end station/terminal, able to deliver the high performance application for retail industry management, it thanks to Hintel put much more efforts on its innovation embedded window platform building, strive to provide the desktop PC quality applications in the embedded world.  And its terminal station is capable to process a various activities of a retail outlet, and capture the detailed and accuracy data for further processing at back office to make more informed business decisions for retail operators.

And this POS Back Office management system is with its inherent advantage, flexibilities, functionalities and rich features, which is a very advanced management system in the retail POS industry, very easy to use and maintain with very minimum learning requirement, and very low system power consumption that saves retailer's money. The Hintel retail management system is most suitable for small and medium-sized business retailers, and the best solution also to the retail POS industry, and the main features are as below:  




  Product and pricing control

  Store inventory control

  Point of Sale configuration

  Accounting subsystem integrated

  Audit control

  Sales analysis

  Goods item top-up analysis

  A comprehensive set of reports

  Security level control

  Staff management

  Customer management

  Supplier management

  Network/standalone support 

  Easy to use and maintain

  Money saving with super low system power consumption

  Cost saving with very minimum learning for system maintenance


The POS Back Office system adopts the client/server software architecture, the system structure is flexible and scalable, and a single machine can be acted as both a client and a server also. In this case, it is can be used for those customers who just need one machine at a store, and save cost.

Hintel Point of Sale is able to provide operation efficiency that can help retailers improve sales, control over operations, increase the productivity and reduce operating cost. At the same time, Hintel is committed to further provide better insight to retail business that will help retailers in decision making to the better run business.