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Nowadays more than ever the value-added partner relationship and business collaboration are more and more important for a business, and that can help to optimize the efficient use of supply chain ecosystem resources, shorten product development cycle, reduce business expenses and grow the mutual benefits and so on. Hintel constantly seek to expand our business through the business collaboration partners’ network, there are multiple partner relationships and collaboration with Hintel, and we welcome the reliable, ambitious and motivated businesses to team up with Hintel, and become one among them, which is most suitable for your business as below:

1. Becoming a Sales Partner

The Sales Partners are suitable for those businesses that are interested in innovation, change and new technology, and want to grow their business via innovation technology products by promoting Hintel’s creative and eco-friendly POS system equipments, which help them to stand out from the competitive market and earn the higher profit margins.

2. Becoming a Marketing Agent Partner

The Marketing Agent Partners are for those agents who provide the inbound marketing and sales services for Hintel, and earn the significant commission.

3. Becoming a Consultant Partner

The Consultant Partners are fitting for those business consulting service providers who refer new clients to Hintel and earn significant commission.

4. Becoming a Technology Partner

The Technology Partners are for those technology-based Companies that want to build complementary solutions extending their existing services or joint innovation product development for industry applications.

The collaboration with partners bring new energy and opportunity into business, help to drive the growth, and get things done faster, better and more easily; it is meaningful and efficient in the highly challenging environments. And Hintel's Collaboration Partner Program consistently provides attractive benefits to the qualified partners who are interested in teaming up with Hintel. To become a Hintel Collaboration Partner, you can opt for one from the above type of partners, which is a great fit for growing your business together working with Hintel, and then write an email to support at for further inquiry, and we would be pleased to assist you and response within 24 hours.

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